All Volunteer spots filled for 2019

June 22 - July 1, 2019

Director: Robert Pine (contact)

WIESCO is seeking instructors for our immersion English language program in the city of Kraków. This program will be held at a prominent Montessori school.

The target is 24 late elementary and high school students who possess a very good ability in English. The aim is to expand their ability in the language through immersion in an environment of hearing, speaking, reading and writing American English while interacting with us and their fellow students throughout the day.

Lessons and activities are to promote greater familiarity with the idioms and nuances of American English, to expand vocabulary and to instill personal confidence in using the language in real life situations while also informing students about American culture, history, etc. Being a Montessori school, the environment calls for very creative approaches both to the lessons and the activities.

The school and our boarding are located across the Wisła River, walking distance to Wawel Castle and the Kazimierz District, and slightly longer walk or short tram ride to the rynek – one of the most beautiful city squares in Europe. The city is famous for its history, architecture, museums and culture. In the center (pictured to the right) is what is considered to be the oldest shopping mall in the world.

Homerooms rotate between classrooms so all students experience all lessons from all instructors. Mornings are devoted to lessons. Afternoon activities can include discussions, music, special events, theater, sports, arts, crafts, movies, etc. This is a day program, so the late afternoons and evenings are free for us to independently enjoy the city of Kraków.

Qualifications require instructors to be fluent in English. College enrollment or degree is a plus, but not required if professional and career experience provides a strong foundation for lesson planning, presentation and relationship building with the students. Formal teaching experience is not required. This is an immersion English program; therefore all interaction with students is conducted in English; knowledge of Polish is not necessary. Importantly, we seek instructors who work well with youth; present lessons in an interesting and interactive manner; who are flexible and adaptive; and possess an interest in learning about a different culture through direct, personal experience.

Your cost is airfare and a $400 participation fee ($300 for returning instructors). WIESCO is a 501c3 organization, so some of these costs are possibly tax deductible; consult your tax advisor. As is customary, our host provides room and board, transportation from and to the airport plus some sightseeing and/or entertainment. Personal and incidental expenses are your responsibility. You are free to attach additional personal travel outside the period of the program.

Program director Robert M. Pine is a veteran of youth and adult WIESCO programs. For more information, please contact Robert at or 630-279-5646 (Chicago area).