June 20 - July 13

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Make a difference - Live and work this summer with excited and motivated students in Torun, POLAND, the beautiful UNESCO designated medieval city situated on the Wisla! 

In conjunction with UNESCO - the United Nations Education, Scientific, Cultural Organization - and the Polish Ministry of Education, American volunteer teachers are invited to participate in a unique English language and cultural exchange program. 

The program emphasizes reading, conversational and written English language experiences within an American cultural context, and introduces American teachers to the culture, history, traditions and people of Poland.

Two weeks of instruction are followed by a week of touring local cultural sites.

The host school provides room and board. 

TORUN, for hundreds of years known as "the queen of the Wisła" (Vistula River), is a medieval town founded in the 13th century.  The old city contains well-preserved walls, gates, townhouses and granaries; the ruins of a Teutonic castle; and a Rynek (market square) dating to the middle ages.

It is the birthplace of the scientist Nicholas Copernicus and site of a modern university bearing his name.  Torun boasts a rich cultural history celebrated in its architecture, galleries and museums.  During the summer, music, theatre and film festivals are often hosted. The City of Torun is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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        Director UNESCO English Language Camp, Torun, POLSKA 

        Polish American Cultural Institute of Minnesota 

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