What to Expect

Each WIESCO program director works closely with a coordinator in the host city to set up transportation, lodging, and school amenities for volunteers.

The host coordinators recruit students, typically middle school and high school age, to attend our programs. Programs range in size, but each WIESCO volunteer can expect their class size to be between 10 and 15 students.

The students who attend our programs typically possess good to very good English skills. The aim is to expand their ability in the language through immersion in an environment of hearing, speaking, reading, and writing while interacting with WIESCO instructors and program assistants throughout the day.

WIESCO instructors have their own homeroom of students that they see multiple times in a day. Throughout the duration of the program, homerooms rotate to allow all students and teachers the opportunity to interact.

WIESCO program assistants work with host program assistants and are assigned a homeroom or rotate based on the needs of instructors.


WIESCO offers instructors the unique opportunity to develop their own curriculum.

For students in the host countries, attending a WIESCO program is an exciting chance to practice and develop English skills outside of their typical classroom setting. This means that WIESCO instructors provide fun and engaging lesson plans or project-based learning.

Your program director and returning volunteers can assist with developing ideas and lesson planning. WIESCO programs have seen a variety of lessons over the years, including:

  • Creating a newscast
  • US state-based travel itineraries
  • Poetry
  • Music festival promotion
  • City planning