Native Speaker in Our School

Sponsored by WIESCO, the Polish-American Freedom Association (PAFF) and the Nidzica Development Foundation (NIDA)

This program does not require the standard WIESCO application process.

Please contact Robert Pine for details.

With your tour of rural schools in Poland during the academic term, you provide students with the very special, live and in person experience of practicing with a visiting American the English they are studying.

WIESCO is pleased to cooperate with the Polish-American Freedom Foundation (PAFF) and the Nidzica Development Foundation (NIDA) in their program to bring native speakers of English to rural schools in Poland.

This program focuses on their goal to provide students at rural schools the opportunity to meet and engage in conversation with an American in American English, to experience the language first hand in an environment less formal than their English class, and to learn about the country and culture of their visitor from America.

"We liked the ability to choose the area in Poland we wished to visit, the length of time we wanted to spend on the school tour, and the grade levels of students (primary, gymnasium/junior high, or secondary) with whom we preferred to work."

"Our tour was filled with interesting and gratifying experiences."

"We were very impressed by the obviously extensive time and effort that all the teachers and students had devoted to making sure our visits were well planned, organized, and enjoyable."

Testimonials from Larry and Barbara Beyna, 2016 participants

Poland is very serious about the English language. They recognize its great importance and value in the world. Students are introduced to English in kindergarten. Serious instruction begins in the first grade. English is an important part of their final high school and college entry exams. Within this framework, you will benefit rural schools in Poland that do not have the resources and advantages of those in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław and other large cities. Furthermore, you might be the first American they meet. Thus, they and their teachers are extremely appreciative of these visits.

Program details

Just as with standard WIESCO programs, you are responsible for airfare plus incidentals. Your hosts in Poland provide all meals, lodging, transportation and some sightseeing.

Unlike most WIESCO programs that are at a fixed location with multiple instructors, this is a solo and mobile program. You will be the only instructor visiting a location each day. From time to time it can be possible for a pair of speakers to participate. Contact Robert Pine for more details.

You are able to request three preferences in planning a program:

  1. The general region in Poland you wish to visit.

  2. The level of schooling to which you wish to present:

    • Late Elementary (grades 6-8)

    • High School (grades 9-12)

    • Or, you can indicate no preference and take in all levels available in the area.

    • Please note that factors at a particular school might result in a grade level outside of your preferred choice.

  3. Duration of your stay. One to two weeks is great. Visits of three to four weeks are also welcome. If you are touring Poland, it can be possible to include one or a few days at schools during your trip.

Whether a seasoned WIESCO instructor looking for a change, someone wanting to get a first taste of WIESCO programs, or anyone seeking an "up close and personal" experience with Polish schools, people, culture and sights, this program is for you!

To do so, please contact Robert M. Pine. He is very pleased to relate his personal experiences engaging in this program across several areas of Poland and to answer your questions.

Robert M. Pine

(630) 279-5646

Chicago Area