WIESCO is a non-profit volunteer teaching organization that provides unique experiences for the volunteers that serve with us and the students we teach.

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2015 WIESCO English Language Programs

Daugavpils, Latvia
Nowa Ruda, Poland
Poznan Region, Poland
Siauliai, Lithuania
Torun, Poland
Wroclaw, Poland


Spending a summer immersed in another culture in a European town sounds like a dream to many. Through WIESCO, that dream has become a reality for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations. Teachers, college and high school students, nurses, police officers, insurance agents, opera singers, military officers, lawyers, and many others have served as volunteers in summer English language and culture camps in Central and Eastern Europe. The camps focus on teaching American English and culture to students ages 10 to 18, except for the special camp in
Wroclaw, Poland which is for Polish English teachers.

Camps are 2-3 weeks long, offering volunteers extraordinary opportunities to meet and interact with students and their families. The camps are preceded by a few days for travel and setting up the school facilities, and followed by a few days of rest and relaxation.

Since 1994, WIESCO has worked with 25,000 students in the camps, which allow Americans to become international ambassadors. Teachers and student assistants interested in learning more may
contact WIESCO President George Hirsch or members of our advisory board.

*WIESCO requires instructors to be college graduates or currently enrolled in a school of education program, but formal teaching experience is not necessary. Instructors must speak American English as a first language. Student assistants are required to be at least 15 years old and accompanied by a guardian.